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TRUE OR FALSE: An organic cookie is healthier than non organic apple.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

The answer is.... FALSE!

Some of you may be like duh Mel! But the truth is I’ve noticed that SO many people are missing the real picture when it comes to their nutrition.

For example:

-You buy organic cookies because you think they are good for you. FYI…a cookie is still a cookie no matter what other label you throw on it.

-You buy gluten free pancakes because you heard that gluten is bad. And it is, but for those that have an intolerance or celiacs.

-You buy that cellulite cream to rub on your trouble areas in an attempt to lose fat. Y’all these types of products are complete bs and a waste of money because THEY DON’T WORK!

-You start your high fat, low carb, keto diet because your bf lost 30 lbs in 2 months. No matter what you have been told, losing that much weight so quickly is just not healthy! And a High Fat/Low Carb Keto type diet is just not sustainable long term for most people. Which is why so many end up gaining the weight lost back. As 2020 rolls around, many are tightening up their pantries, buying “healthier” foods, and starting new workout routines. But before you go buy that flashy new one size fits all program or buy into that fad diet or juice cleanse, that promises all kinds of weight loss results, know that nutrition and fitness shouldn’t just be about taking away. Oftentimes, it’s about adding: -Adding fruits and veggies to your diet. -Adding 1-2 walks per day to your routine. -Adding relaxation exercises to your daily routine to help reduce stress. -Adding more sleep time to your scheduleIt all comes down to sustainability!

What approach can you take to change your life for the better?! Not sure where or how to start??? Let's chat! Remember, I'm here to help!

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