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A New Adventure...Beyond Fitness

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do!”

To me one of the most rewarding things in life is to help others build confidence and help them to be better than they were yesterday. And to be able to do that with long time friend, Bre Turner whom I admire and respect tremendously, well seriously #winning!

Between our own journey’s and combined years of training others, we had many conversations regarding the obesity epidemic that floods the U.S. During these conversations we had noticed there was a huge gap in the health & wellness space that needed to be brought to light. With all the misconceptions, false information and inadequate ideals that are on social media, in movies, magazines, etc., we felt it was our duty to step in and correct those inadequacies. So we joined forces to make a change and created Beyond Fitness. A platform to share our passion and help others be the best versions of themselves. A way to give people the confidence to know that they could rise up above their own doubts and conquer their goals.

At Beyond Fitness we are two moms on a mission to educate and empower others to take charge of their health, ditch the all or nothing mentality and understand that improving their health doesn’t have to be an impossible battle.

We have lots of exciting things in the works! Fun events are on the calendar and great fitness/health topic discussions are underway.

To stay in the BF know follow us on Facebook at Beyond Fitness or click the link below.

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