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Have you heard about Pilates and wondered what the heck it is or the benefits?

Pilates has been around for almost a century, but it has become increasingly popular over recent years. It was designed to rehabilitate the body and improve core strength. Among its many other benefits, Pilates is also an excellent exercise technique for improved posture and fitness and helps to alleviate low back pain/weakness.

Pilates exercises mainly target the deep core abdominal muscles to help build spinal cord stability and a better-aligned posture. There are numerous other benefits to Pilates, check them out below to see how you can better your body and overall health using this method.


Pilates Services 

  • Pilates in the Park Group Classes

       (Offered during summer months only. Inquire about details.)

  • Private Small Group Sessions

        (Up to 4 people)

  • Private Individual Sessions

        (55 minutes)

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